Woolley Wood School, Chaucer Road, Sheffield, S5 9QN

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Woolley Wood School





To provide a curriculum that promotes curiosity and enthusiasm in our pupils, enables pupils to take risks and to encourage them to become independent learners and to develop their confidence.

 Our Curriculum is designed to:

 Be accessible and inclusive for all regardless of Special Educational Need or Disability.

  • Considers every child’s starting point and support their development with a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum which enables them to make progress.
  • Be committed to by all professionals involved with our pupils to ensure we can adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to their education.
  • Create a safe and stimulating learning environment which supports, enhances and invites a child’s curiosity, confidence and individual potential to make progress regardless of backgrounds, circumstances or needs
  • Create a learning environment following children’s needs and interests with enhanced opportunities and experiences to help children achieve their next steps.
  • Support pupils to build relationships in order to support their learning and development, through positive play experiences, enhanced with adult input to enable children to acquire skills and knowledge.
  • Provide opportunities for children to play, explore, persevere, make choices and develop their own ideas.
  • Continually support children holistically, developing their confidence, independence, social skills and their emotional well-being so that they can be happy, enjoy and learn in school and eventually be equipped to take on further transitions through school.


To provide a curriculum experience that enables our pupils to be able to:


  • Play & Explore
  • Active Learning
  • Creative & Critical Thinking


 We aim to nurture, inspire, share learning and celebrate achievement.


Our curriculum is based around the four areas of need: 

  • Communication & Interaction

         (English, Reading)

  • Cognition & Learning

         (Maths, science, computing)

  • Physical & Sensory

         (PE, food studies, outdoor learning)

  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health

         (RSHE, art, music, creativity, Wellbeing)