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Woolley Wood School




School Lunch Prices 

Prices are currently:

Nursery pupils      -        £1.75 per day                        £8.75  per week

Primary pupils      -        £2.00 per day                        £10.00 per week


Meals are paid through Woolley Wood Parent App - "School Gateway" please see School Information/School Gateway WW Parent App for more information


 Free School Meals

You may be entitled to Free School Meals. Please contact the Free School Meals Section at Sheffield City Council on (0114) 2734567 or for more information: 



Dinner Menu

You can view the latest dinner menu click here  (if you require a hard copy please contact the school office)


IMPORTANT - If your child has a medical appointment and intends to be back in school for lunch you must let the office know before 9.30am that they require a lunch or provide a packed lunch. Unless ordered by 9.30am a meal cannot be provided by school.


Packed Lunches

Woolley Wood School promotes healthy lunches!!

School dinners are probably healthier than most packed lunches.  If you want to make a packed lunch it should be healthy and balanced and contain:

  • Starchy Foods - these are bread, rice, potatoes and pasta
  • Protein Foods - including meat, fish, eggs and beans
  • A Dairy Item - this could be cheese or a yoghurt
  • Vegetables or Salad - plus a portion of fruit

Low-fat snacks for children:

Children often like food they can eat with their fingers, so chop up raw vegetables such as carrots or peppers and give them hummus or cottage cheese to dip them into.

Breadsticks and wholemeal crackers are also great finger foods that can be spread with low-fat soft cheese or eaten with reduced fat cheddar.

Replace chocolate bars and cakes with fresh fruit. Vary the fruit each day and get them to try new things, such as kiwi or melon

A suggested lunchbox could be:

Tuna and sweetcorn wholemeal roll

Reduced-fat cheese triangle


Unsweetened apple juice

For more information on suggested packed lunches please visit: http://www.nhs.uk/change4life/Pages/healthy-lunchbox-picnic.aspx




Medical and Dietary

Can parents/carers please ensure that they provide the school with updated information on your child's medical and dietary requirements including any allergies he or she may have.